Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14; Laundry & Lunch

Louise has taken on the role of support and Dave has returned home. Louise ran with Megan for 3 miles and back to the support vehicle. After the morning run, it was off to find a laundry in the town of Big Fork. The modern coin operated laundry was right next door to Cafe French, so start the wash go to lunch. With the meal done it was time to check for desert. The waitress reported that all the pies were delicious. She should know - she makes all of them. So they order pecan and blueberry pie while the laundry tumbled dry right next door.

Megan noticed that the amount of road kill has been significantly reduced, although the variety has increased. Today's variety included a bat and a porcupine.

They are staying at a Mn State Park just east of Big Fork called Scenic on Highway 7. Their campsite overlooks the lake, where loons and osprey are not uncommon. (The photo is a view from the campsite.)

The nearest Internet terminal is back in Grand Forks and cell phone coverage may be non-existent in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like there was some nasty weather tonight near Big Fork. I will be eager to hear how you fared with the storm. Near Grand Rapids, there was just wind, hail and rain.

Beth Russell said...

I am so enjoying reading your blog and keeping up with your steady sure footed run! Check out Southwest Journal online for some news about you! With all the roadkill, you could play the alphabet game by identifying animals rather than license plates- could make the day go by quickly.
Beth Russell

Anonymous said...

Really great job -- 20 miles a day for an extended time. Well done!

Noted that the road kill observations followed soon after the description of Dave sampling everything at the buffet. Just got us to thinking.

Hang in there Megan! Great job!

Leslie and Mark