Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19: Canada!

Megan reached the Canadian border at 10:30 am, running strong the last 11.5 miles from Pelland. She is done!

First stop in Canada--Tim Horton's (a Canadian fast food chain started by a well-known hockey player and famous for its always fresh donuts). It's a family tradition whenever we go to Canada.

Over donuts, we talked about some of the highlights of the trip--ice cream was at the top of Megan's list. Other highs included the wolf, the snakes, Isaac, my parents (dutifully said!), the pancake breakfast in Dalbo, the scenery.

For Dave and I, it has also been the scenery, but also the small town cafes (we didn't see a McDonalds for 140 miles) and the great delight in talking to folks as we went, having time (in between runs, or waiting while Megan ran) to chat. Time to slowly bike around town, stopping to talk to the woman walking her dachshund (just as vigilant as Darby), or swapping scary animal stories with the man fixing the door at the city clerk's office (his involved hundreds of snakes escaping a swamp in Tennesee where he was called to help clean up after a derailment that was pouring chemicals into the area).

It has been a great adventure, and I am sure we will process it more in the next few weeks and add some photos. Meanwhile Megan is planning to sleep in, take a week off running, then start summer track! This trip has not put the girl off running.


Libby said...

Wow, dudette! I was proud of you before, Megan, but even more so now that you have done it! I'm afraid I got a little behind on your postings, but it is so cool, what you have accomplished! Rest well and have another donut! When do you all get home?

John Harrer

Eddie said...

YEYYY!!! you finished!! i'm so impressed thats like running like 10 marathons or something! haha anyways I'm excited to see you again and that is absolutely ridiculous!