Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16; Day of Rest in Big Falls

This is our day of rest. Megan and Louise have walked around Big Falls and shopped in the general store (combination hardware, outfitters, and gift shop). If they don't have it, then you probably don't need it.

Isaac and Megan are listening to Harry Potter by the falls. The river is really pretty, a series of rapids and falls. The cool water looks like cola flowing over the rocks, brown and bubbly (but not dirty).

They plan a swim in the quieter rapids and pools upstream later today. (And perhaps a horse ride, if they don't have to bring a horse.) It seems best to stay by the river, as the mosquitoes and flies are very annoying back in camp.

Last night's run was very quiet. Starting in the middle of the woods and ending in the middle of the woods. Nine miles of trees, with some rivers and marsh along the way. Megan and Isaac loved the quiet. They only saw a couple of cars in the whole hour and a half.

(As the locals all know, the wolves and cougars were hidden in the shadows and quietly looping along waiting for her to stop.)

They are now 52 miles from International Falls. Megan is running well, and happy to be so far along. They will be in Big Falls two more nights, then on to camp in Little Fork.

Perhaps cell phone coverage will return in Little Fork! Louise had to ask around Big Falls to locate a computer to send off an update. The library, which is open a few hours a day, does not have a computer terminal, but there was one in city hall.

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Dahlers said...

Hi Megan and family!
We want you to know we are following your updates and thinking of you. We'll be in the Twin Cities 7/22-7/26 and we would love to greet you home if you make it back by then.

We are so proud of you Megan!

The Dahler's
Austin, TX